Howard Foreman, Harrogate, May 2015

Howard Foreman, Harrogate, May 2015
18th January 2015

“I want to thank you personally for making Sarah and Ross’s wedding so special. Chip and the keyboard player were brilliant at the synagogue – lovely music and singing pre and post chuppah. It was enjoyed by all who attended and commented by many. The Israeli dancing worked a treat even though we were short of space due to the number of guests wanting to join in.
The three sets you played at the wedding were second to none, Vibetown had everybody dancing and created a wonderful atmosphere which continued throughout the night.

The singers were excellent and the musicians were brilliant and with people asking for an encore (which you duly obliged with) showed how much everybody enjoyed the evening.

The lines of communications were always open and you personally ensured everything went so smoothly from start to finish. The music is an important part of any Wedding celebration and we are so grateful we chose Vibetown to be our band”