Top UK Wedding & Function Bands Website Now Featuring Vibetown!!

Vibetown have just been listed online on yet another directory website, this time in the form of the Top UK Wedding Bands Website. Vibetown will be featured as an exclusive supplier of Live Music & Wedding Entertainment on the website which will include our own profile page, pictures, links and further information about the band and how to Hire A Band For My Wedding.   Our feature will be listed UK wide, which means you will be able to Hire Vibetown for Wedding & Function Band Gigs in Leeds, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Merseyside, Sheffield, Harrogate, York, Birmingham, London, Glasgow and anywhere else in between!

Its a great directory that features some of the UK’s best Function, Party & Wedding Bands For Hire and its great to know that now Vibetown will be listed amongst them. With our great promotional material, awesome videos and astounding demo’s we are pretty confident that we will stand out head and shoulders above the competition. We like to keep our clients up to date with our latest gigs and blog posts, thats why we are big fans and users of social media like Facebook & Twitter… you’ll always find us online posting pictures and videos from our latest gigs! Its a great way to stay in contact with clients both old and new and really helps to give an insight into what we do on gigs and how the whole process works. We have posted many articles over the last few years, some of the most popular have been Hire Function Band Vibetown For Jewish Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs, Great Wedding Band & Function Gigs in Malton & Yorkshire – Hire A Band  and who can forget Great Function Band Wedding Gig @ The Palm House, Sefton Park Liverpool – Hire A Band.

If you are after some friendly and honest advice on booking a band for for wedding or event, then scroll through our recent blog posts and you’ll find some great tips and suggestions about how to do so!

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